Advanced Water Technology Center


AQWATEC operates two major on-campus facilities, a state-of-the-art 2,000 square foot water quality analysis laboratory and a high-bay facility for laboratory- and pilot-scale research. The center also jointly operates a fully automated surface water pilot plant at Golden's Water Treatment Plant and supports the Rocky Mountain On-site & Small Flow Program (

Analytical capabilities of the water quality laboratory include:

Additional analytical capabilities across campus are available to AQWATEC researchers including AAS-ICP, ICP-MS, environmental scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, streaming potential, and FT-infrared spectroscopy.

Membrane Characterization and Autopsy and Water Quality Analysis: Analytical and Experimental Capabilities


Analytical Laboratories
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AQWATEC's high-bay facility is equipped with various size membrane test systems including multiple flat-sheet (SEPA II) test units for pressure-driven, osmotic-driven, and thermal membrane processes; laboratory-scale 1- and 2-stage spiral-wound SCADA controlled nanofiltration/reverse osmosis membrane test skids; laboratory-scale electrodialysis skid; dead-end and diffusion cells; 20-gpm NF/RO membrane test skid, trailer-mounted, SCADA controlled; various soil-column set-ups simulating riverbank filtration/soil-aquifer treatment

Bench-Scale Systems
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Lab-Scale Systems
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Pilot-Scale Systems
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Mines Park Water Reclamation Test Site


Surface Water Treatment Pilot System at City of Golden WTP

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