The Produced Water Treatment and Beneficial Use Information Cetner is an online resource for technical and regulatory information on quantity, quality, and treatment technologies for produced water from coalbed methane (CBM) resources in the western United States

This site provides information on location and quality of CBM produced water, current and potential future treatment and use of CBM produced water, state and federal regulations pertaining to discharge and use, and guidelines and tools for selection of treatment technologies for optimal management practices.

Site Contents
  • Tools

    Tools for water quality, treatment technology, costs, key elements

  • Documents

    Service provider/broker list, model contract

  • Regulations

    Regulatory requirements for produced water management for selected states

Produced Water Treatment and Beneficial Use Information Center
September 1, 2016
August 31, 2016
Prof. Cath presented at the RPSEA Best of RPSEA 10 years of Research
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