Advanced Water Technology Center


Research activities at AQWATEC are directed to advance research and development of novel water treatment processes and hybrid systems to enable sustainable and energy efficient utilization of impaired water sources to provide potable and non-potable water supplies. Our focus areas include:

Our current activities include:

AQWATEC faculty currently sustain a research funding base of over $5M via active grants and contracts from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Water Research Foundation (WRF), Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF), Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), NREL, as well as public and private industry.










AQWATEC Indirect Cost (IDC) Return and Policy

AQWATEC receives IDC returns for all full over-headed research accounts at a rate of 19.2% of IDC paid. IDC return funds are administered through AQWATEC’s IDC account. AQWATEC encourages faculty members to submit research proposals through the center that are in support of AQWATEC’s mission. Principal investigators submitting proposals through AQWATEC have the privilege to utilize center infrastructure that is available on a service basis at the internal billing rate. A list of infrastructure that is available on a service basis is posted on the center’s website ( External and internal billing rates will be provided upon request. For more information IDC return policies, please click here.